This table shows our clothes we took on our trip.
ItemQuantity per personComment
Fleece jacket1
Down jacket1
T-Shirts3Sent 1 back
Merino shirt (longsleeve)1Sent back
Outdoor Collar Shirt1Everyday cycling shirt to protect us from the sun and mosquitoes- SO USEFUL!
Hiking pants1
Dress (Mareile)1
Leggings (Mareile)1
Short pants1
Swimming trunks / Bikini 1
Sarong (Mareile)1
Pairs of underpants3Sent 1 back
Woolsocks from grandma1Sent back
Sport Bra (Mareile)1
Buff 1
Beanie (Marius)1Sent back
Trekking Shoes1
Flip Flops 1
Big hat1
Cycling pants2Sent 1 back
Microfibre towel2Sent one of them back - sharing is caring